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Heroes of the War
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Internal reference:COS:2013.1.4571
Collection:Oxford Journal Illustrated
Title:Heroes of the War
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25. Images of Local causalities, Top row, left to right. 1. F. Cook, 2. W.h. Kilbee, 3. Mildenhall, 4. H. Collett, 5. T.H. Hymers. 2nd row, 1. F.A. Owen, 2. J.B. Palmer, 3. Reynolds, 4. M. Browning, 5. Jesse Jones. 3rd row, 1. H. Perkins, 2. W. Timms, 3. W. Boswell, 4. H.J. Hinton (Wallingford), 5. W. King, 4th row, 1.E. H. Harris, 2. Hailey, 3. E. Pill, 4. W. Perrin, 5. Coles. Bottom row, 1. A.E. Kyte, 2. H.J. Stroudley, 3. G.F. Norridge, 4. W. Akers, 5. W. Broom. [Image from: Oxford Journal Illustrated, issue no. 9402, 16 December 1914, page 4]

Decade:1910 to 1919
Place:Oxfordshire - England
Original:printed newspaper
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Creator:Oxford Journal Illustrated
Production date:1914

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